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My 4 Hour a Day Facebook Addiction

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Several years ago I used to have a facebook addiction. Yes I will admit it. I always just thought it was a faze I was going through. Well that faze lasted over 6 months. I was

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Where is God?

  Can the way to it be by concentration? How long can one focus his concentration on anything without wavering or losing focus altogether. One moment the immensity and formless is felt. For that moment in time it

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My Definition of “I”

    If you ever forget that feeling just stop for a moment and ask who am I?  Do not distract yourself too much. Never lose sight of it. Or rather never identify with anything other

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How to Meditate?

The biggest keys to going far in meditation is to observe and allow.  Sit down somewhere comfortable and close your eyes and just focus on your breath. When you attention goes somewhere else just bring it

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How to meditate properly

The yogis and sages of the past were quite wise when it came to mastering the human experience. They understood that self-mastery came with learning how to meditate properly. To still the mind they used a

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Getting frustrated meditating?

How do you know if your meditating properly?  Lots of newbie practioners get frustrated when when they try to focus on their breath but they keep on having thoughts that drive their attention elsewhere. You can

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Transcending the mind, body and breath

Transcending the mind, body and breath will take time. You never force it. Just like certain meditation techniques will teach you to become patient and not become overly focused on your result. Here again is another

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