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Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of MeditationThe benefits of meditation would take up an entire day to list off. I have experienced the most divine inner peace, happiness, wisdom and love that I have felt in my life. The total connection of my mind, body and soul. I have never experienced my body connected in such harmony before. They all three feel balanced and flowing naturally from one to another.



        Another benefit of meditation is clarity of thought. During meditation and after the mind slows down so much.



For once you will be actually using your mind rather than let your mind use you.



You will be able to see a decision that you have made in your life that is causing you to suffer. Once you realize this you can begin to make changes in your life.


Benefits of Meditation  


  • Increased HAPPINESS
  • CLEARER Thinking
  • EXPANDED Awareness
  • Increased INNER PEACE



Meditation will teach you the blueprint for living your life. It will show you what’s permanent and what’s impermanent. There is no good vs bad meditation. You will learn who you are and who you are not. What makes you happy and what makes you suffer.  It will teach you the power of forgiveness. It will show you the joy in gratitude. It will put you in connection with your divine essence and you will realize that you are not below or above any other human being. We are all equal with the same God-like essence within us.


What we think we actually are is not true. We are not our likes, dislikes, personality, style, body shape, beliefs, mind and thoughts. These all change and are impermanent. The mind of the mind, the eye of the eye and the ear of the ear is who we really are. That never changes, not even when it’s time to disrobe from our human bodies.


If you would like to enjoy all the benefits of meditation a few techniques like watching the breath or body is an excellent place to begin. To learn how to meditate click here.

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