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The Best Meditation Position


          Meditation posture or your meditation position is the most important technique to have in order to ensure a productive meditation practice. If you have a pre-existing issue such as back pain or bad knees all it takes is an out of the box solution and all your meditation posture problems will be resolved. Fortunately, I have one and I am offering it to you for FREE!


          Let me start by saying that I could not sit longer than 5 minutes when I first started. The 5 min was EXCRUCIATING! My legs would get numb, I would feel pins and needles in my feet.  My back, shoulders, and neck would be unbearable.  On top of that, I would have thoughts that were not productive at all. There was always something more important and desirable to do.  


          The importance of posture in meditation was clearly evident and I was failing miserably. But I can say when I put my mind to it I figured out a creative solution for the ages. This was the meditation position of all positions. Most suitable for people in cultures that don’t require a lot of cross-legged sitting. Here is how it all began.





meditation position on yoga ball


          I recalled a time when the big buzz around desk chairs were yoga balls. Yoga balls, aka fitness balls or stability balls, make excellent meditation chairs. They, of course, won’t have a backrest but that is the fantastic thing about them.


          Sitting on a yoga ball was my go to mediation position for the first few months of my practice. I used a 19-inch yoga ball, filled it with a sufficient amount of air and sat on top of it with both feet firmly on the floor. Make sure to not have your knees above your hips. You will probably want to test out how much air you want in the ball because this will greatly determine how comfortable the ball is. For me, I did not like when my ball was filled all the way because it was just too hard on my butt and my meditation posture  would be very uncomfortable. I gradually let out a bit of air each time and finally found the exact comfort level I needed.


          Further to that, the yoga ball was my savior! My meditation posture was second to none. Sitting on the ball forces you to sit up straight and stay alert. No more knumb legs, pins & needles, back pain or knee pain.  Here are some healthy reminders to remember when meditating and trying to keep a good posture.


“Yoga ball was my savior”




Top 5 Meditation Posture Hacks

  1. Stay relaxed
  2. Keep a straight relaxed spine
  3. Sit on a yoga ball, meditation cushion, or chair. (start with a yoga ball)
  4. Keep your knees at a height equal or below your hips
  5. Hands can be placed on knees or lap


meditation posture



          I went from a GRUELING 5 MIN MEDITATION TO 40 MIN in a matter of days. All it took was a correction in my meditation position. You will not believe how much longer you can meditate for and how much easier it is to concentrate and remain relaxed once you find a good position. I could not believe that in all the meditation books and stuff I found online I never came across this brilliant idea.



One last thing to remember is to not lean your head forward too much. The adult head weighs around 10 lbs and if your head is leaning forward too much this will cause unwanted back pain, shoulder and neck problems. Moreover, keep your spine erect and straight. This will ensure you have a proper meditation posture as well as keeping your awareness alert and sharp.

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