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meditation before sleep Self-Mastery Equals Life Mastery

Today’s meditation was incredible. Self-mastery for me is the key to Life mastery. You think you know yourself but watching and studying yourself is such an elegant sacred art. I was sitting in a regular chair today doing my meditation when

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What is consciousness What is Consciousness?

It is referred to as the Brahman in Hindu traditions and numerous other names in other traditions. What is consciousness is one the most important questions in the human experience. They are all pointing to one thing, however.  Consciousness is

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Benefits of Meditation Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation would take up an entire day to list off. I have experienced the most divine inner peace, happiness, wisdom and love that I have felt in my life. The total connection of my mind, body and soul.

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Transcendental Meditation TM Transcendental Meditation TM

One very popular meditation technique is TM transcendental meditation. It is usually the style I begin all my meditations with. Now there are other techniques I use as well such as vipassana meditation which is a style where you scan

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Meditation for beginners Meditation for beginners

Having meditated for about 3 years now I have been through many obstacles and pitfalls during my journey. If you want to learn meditation for beginners then continue reading. Along the way were numerous revelations about myself and life. What

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What is meditation What is meditation?

What is meditation is quite an interesting question when you think about it. For even those of us who meditate asking this question really brings clarity to our practice. People have been meditating for over 4000 years according to written

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