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Does Meditation for Weight Loss work?

             The short answer is NO. Using meditation for weight loss will not directly cause you to lose weight. Sitting down and focusing on your breath will not take inches off your waist. Correlation does not equal causation but being more mindful throughout your day will be an amazing tool to have when incorporating a healthier lifestyle.  Moderation my friends is the key. If I train like an Olympic athlete in the gym and then go eat like I am entering a “hot dog eating contest” well then I might end up gaining weight.  Burn more calories than you consume. That is all there is to it. If you are using Meditation for Weight Loss you will gain desired results only with the right perspective. 


          There are no miracle drugs for getting that perfect body type. However, there are intelligent proven ways on how to improve on wherever your current fitness program is. Even if a fitness program does not exist in your life it is never too late to start. You don’t have to be a nutritionist or perform lab tests to know that if you burn more calories than you consume then you will lose weight. That is a simple truth and it will never change. Now how to we get there?




          One key thing to remember is that you probably will slip up on your diet and exercising. It is not how many times that you get knocked down that counts but how many times you pick yourself up. This is where meditation for weight loss will benefit you with your increased mindfulness. Your will and determination get stronger in the process. Your ability to forgive yourself when things are not perfect improves. Most importantly leadership skills are refined. The ability to lead yourself when an obstacle comes along is critical not only in the results you manifest but this skill can also be transferred when leading others. A great leader of people is also a great leader when it comes to his life as well. All your skills you learn in meditation can be applied to your weight loss regimen.


            The best ways of losing weight are to burn more calories than you consume. It is as simple as that. So if you enjoy eating a treat or two that is perfectly fine. As long as you are burning those calories off and then some more. I enjoy eating chips, cookies and pizza just like the next person but I then know I need to work extra hard when I am in the gym. No pain no gain! I know what you’re thinking you don’t want to work out because it can be painful. But just remember leading an unhealthy lifestyle will put you in far more depths of emotional and physical pain eventually. So why not hit the gym and I promise you all the pains of working out will turn into pleasures.



meditation for weight loss awareness


HIT and Meditation for Weight Loss

            My favorite ways to burn those calories are HIT which is high interval training. High interval training is where you take a cardiovascular exercise such as an elliptical machine or treadmill and you sprint for a period of time and then jog and you do this for 8-16 cycles. When I mean sprint I really mean using about 70-80% of your energy. So sprint for 20-30 sec and jog for a minute. Try this cycle 8-16 times. Make sure you add in at least 5-10 minutes of warming up to this routine and 3-5 min to cool down. You will continue to burn calories for 24-72 hours after your HIT workout.


         Low Intense Cardio


             Another great cardio time is first thing in the morning before breakfast. This is such a perfect time to shed that nagging body fat because on an empty stomach you can hit the body fat right away instead of burning carbs for a period of time and then hitting the fat like we do at all other times during the day.  The experts say to keep your cardio at a pace where you can still maintain a conversation. This low intense cardio is all you need first thing in the morning. For added benefits listen to an audio book and now you’re really starting your day off the right way!



          Another absolutely fabulous way to get your body functioning at its optimal level is to take a detox tea. There is a number of them on the market and my favorite is Dr. Millers Wholy Tea. “Wholy” can also be spelled “Holy”. I would not judge the effectiveness of these products based on the pounds I lose but on how my body is functioning. You can use you mindfulness skills from meditation to keep an inner eye on how you’re feeling throughout your day. One key point to remember here is that most adults have anywhere between 5-10 lbs. of fecal waste in their bodies. Not something that most people would consider healthy. After using this product for one month the results I had were nothing short of phenomenal.


Detox tea results after only 1 month

  1. Increased mental clarity
  2. Significant decrease in bloating & constipation
  3. Increased strength and vitality
  4. Better deeper sleep
  5. Clearer skin
  6. Increased my Overall Well-being


          Meditation for weight loss does work when you take the skills of awareness and use them in your daily life. One of the worst things we can do is binge eat. Those late night snacks are killer. According to the Department of Psychology, Indiana State University meditation mindfulness helped patients increase their sense of control and decrease binge eating. People tend to mindlessly eat when they are feeling unpleasant emotions. It is at this point when we lose our mindfulness. We are no longer aware of our emotions and thoughts. We pretty much are consumed with all the content of the thoughts and feelings and we want to distract ourselves from feeling them. If instead we become aware that we feel something unpleasant in our body and mind then we can observe those and naturally those feelings and thoughts will pass. Thoughts and feelings are never permanent otherwise, we would feel one way all our lives and that does not happen. We can also gain great insights into why we feel a certain way when we become aware of the emotions rather than bury them with a piece of pie.



Here are 5 steps you can take in setting up your new weight loss lifestyle

  1. Have a Vision
  2. Have a Strategy
  3. Believe You Can
  4. Be Aware of obstacles
  5. Be Accountable


           One take away from this is to remember that how you feel about yourself is infinitely more important than the number on the scale. Be mindful though and don’t manipulate yourself into thinking that being 50 lbs. overweight is ok for your health. We can feel the bliss during meditation but we need to take care of our physical bodies as well.  Being mindful means you love yourself enough to make healthy moderate changes in your lifestyle in order to optimize your body, mind and soul.



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