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Getting Frustrated Meditating?

Getting frustrated meditatingAre you getting frustrated meditating? How do you know if you are meditating properly?  Lots of newbie practitioners get frustrated when they try to focus on their breath but they keep on having thoughts that drive their attention elsewhere.



          You can analyze why you got frustrated when you could not stop your thoughts. Here is where meditation is gold. This is where you really begin to understand how to meditate. You can get into your deeper subconscious mind and perhaps learn that you were raised as a perfectionist and that not being able to stop your mind meant that you are a failure. You will begin to make the connection in other areas of your life where this lack of patience with yourself caused you much suffering.  This newfound awareness has no limitations.





          Most people are not even anywhere close to the level of awareness that their true potential holds. We are so distracted and on autopilot that we cannot even see that we are causing our own suffering 100%.  You might say I already know that I am a perfectionist so I don’t need to meditate. If your suffering has not ended then you still have some learning to do. If you are finding yourself getting frustrated meditating then perhaps you do need to dive in deeper.








          The key point to remember during meditation is that your mind will wander and your body will get sore. You must remember to just observe your thoughts and the sensations-feelings in your body and always gently come back to your breath. More on the body later.




           As you meditate more and more you will begin to notice that your mind eventually stops and so do the sensations in your body. You will then experience an inner peace and happiness that cannot be obtained by anything in the external world.



No amount of money, fame, compliments, award and promotion can give you this. You are making a direct connection to who you are. It is not your mind or body.  This is the magical place to be.



          Much like the mind, the body provides its own distractions.  Just like the mind we want to still the body so we can transcend it and go beyond it so that we can discover our divine essence. The body might be cold, hot, have knots, numb legs, tingling, and all other types of sensations. The body might also have the feelings of anger, sadness, pain etc. When anything like this comes up in the body we again just want to notice it. Become aware of where in the body it is and that’s all. Give the sensations time and observe them.



            When you are ready come back to the breath. If you notice you want to change the sad or angry feelings then just notice that too. Be aware of why you want to change the feelings of sadness and anger. With this type of mindset getting frustrated meditating will be greatly reduced. You might ask yourself if there is something you can learn from those feelings.



           The goal is always come back to the breath regardless of what is happening in your body or mind. JUST OBSERVE it but come back to the breath. This is the opposite of suppressing thoughts or emotions. When we suppress we try to forget it, change it, ignore it, hide it and resist it. Here we are simply observing it and just letting it be. 



         Miracles happen when you come back to your breath. One key point to remember the breath is simple to use and we can place our awareness on it very easily to still our mind. Eventually, our mind will be still when we want it to be without even focusing on the breath. This take practice but will eventually happen.

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