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Good vs Bad Meditation

Good vs Bad MeditationOne very important lesson I have learned from my meditation is there is no such thing as a bad meditation session. I have meditated thousands of times now and each time I sit I always end up feeling better afterward. Is there such thing as a Good vs Bad meditation?



           When I first started, there would be sessions where I only had 1 minute worth of stillness and 19 minutes with nonstop thinking. Even in that 1 minute, I was able to connect with the divine and realize there was something magnificent that comes during stillness.  



It is so fascinating that we experience this most wonderful feeling of inner peace, happiness, love and wisdom while doing nothing. Some call it just being. Feeling this way is our natural state. That is why to me there is no good vs bad meditation debate.


          Early in my healing meditation, I would often have such an amazing session where I would experience quietness that I have never experienced in my life. This is where I was learning what is consciousness. I felt serenity and bliss inwardly and outwardly. Inwardly it was the inner peace that was blissful. Externally it was the peaceful sound of nature that was so serene and delicious. I would often go into my next session wanting to have the exact same feeling again or to surpass that feeling and get even deeper into the serenity and maybe go further into my subconscious.  



Is there such thing as Good vs Bad Meditation?



              This attachment to the pleasant feelings created pain. There was a good vs bad meditation debate troubling me. No meditation sessions are ever the same. You are constantly learning something new. The divine energy inside of you always feels like the first time. Some daily meditation sessions are not as peaceful as others. There are times when you have lots of things going on in the external world. You might be going through relationship issues, career changes or a new fitness/diet routine.



         There may be some issues you need to contemplate where you actually get to use your mind and go into deep thinking. This form of thinking is much better than our normal unconscious thinking where we are simply reacting to external stimuli or internal thoughts.



               During deep contemplation, you still want to focus on your breath and once your mind has settled down then you can look at your issue and make a wise informed decision while you are in a place of non-attachment. Just like in meditation you practice not identifying with your mind and body, here it will become easier for you to not identify with your circumstance.



                Remember things are always going to happen to us and the external world will always be changing but that has nothing to do with our happiness, joy and inner peace. If we perceive things happening to us or the external world as a certain way then that will be our reality. Perception is all we have control over. And our perception of a good vs bad meditation will either drive us forward or keep us stagnant in our practice.



                At one point my healing meditation was becoming a difficult task for me. I had a goal that it needed to be like last times or much better. I put pressure on myself. I had to go deeper. I was not feeling at ease. The inner peace and connection to the divine was shallow. I realized that I was treating meditation just like most things in my life and how society has taught me to handle most endeavors I embark on. I had a goal and was attached to it. If I did not meet the goal then I would feel like a failure.


                  While I was trying to meet my goal I was not present in the moment. I was not 100% aware of what was happening in my body or my mind. I was only trying to reach the goal of having a better meditation. Once I realized that I was sabotaging my sessions I quickly went back into the way I normally meditate. No expectations. Just focus on the breath and just be. So simple.  The debate of a good vs bad meditation ended with me realizing that I am the awareness of the good and bad not the content.

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