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How to meditate properly

How to meditate properly

How to meditate properly


How to Meditate Properly?

The yogis and sages of the past were quite wise when it came to mastering the human experience. They understood that self-mastery came with learning how to meditate properly. To still the mind they used a few meditation techniques.


          My favorite and also the most common is the breath. You can also use a MANTRA, COUNT NUMBERS, COUNT BEADS OR VISUALIZATION.  All of these methods are used as a crutch to still the mind and transcend it but they all will help you to learn  how to meditate properly.


The particular method you use for stilling the mind will eventually be dropped once you can easily close your eyes and make a connection with your essence, higher self, God.  This is what most people don’t realize. The meditation object which for most is the breath is only a tool or crutch to quiet the mind down.


          After practicing it for however long is necessary you will eventually be able to get to that quiet place within moments without even having an object of meditation.



          I love the breath as an object of meditation because it is always working automatically and always present for you to use anytime throughout the day. If you want to learn how to meditate properly I recommend staying away from visualizing or counting because our heads are already filled with so many thoughts and images that we cannot stop them on our own. Click here to learn what is meditation


            To me, it does not make much sense that we start to add even more thoughts and images to that plane to quiet it.  Begin with breath and focus your attention on it.  Remember that the breath is automatic and it does not need you to force it to inhale and exhale. Remember that before you became aware of your breath you were already breathing.  So just watch without trying to change its rhythm. Don’t try to manipulate it so the breath is deeper and slower.


             Just watch it go inside you, notice how deep it goes, or how shallow it goes, is there any tension in your body around where the breath was. Then notice the pause before you exhale. Notice the stillness and how quiet things are. When it’s time to exhale notice that. Notice the sounds you make. And always notice the pauses in between the inhales and exhales. If your breathing is fast then let it be fast.  You cannot go wrong. Just watch your breath whatever is there is just fine.



            While you are watching your breath you are building numerous skills. Patience, concentration, awareness and quite possibly a sense of inner peace and happiness that you have never experienced in your life. Trust me, it will only get better!  While you are watching your breath your brain will continue its nonstop thinking. That is perfectly ok. It has happened to the best of meditators since the beginning of time. You are no different.


               The key here is to just observe and watch and not to judge or criticize.  If you have a thought just observe it and do not try and think about something else or try and stop it. Just always put your awareness back to your breath in the most peaceful manner possible. If you get frustrated that your mind keeps wandering then just notice you are getting frustrated. If you get thoughts of memories from the past just notice those thoughts but come back to your breath always.


             Eventually, you will begin to see that you get less distracted when you have thoughts and that you can still put your attention somewhere else like your breath.  Initially, when you have thoughts you will become overwhelmed and they will be the prime focus of your awareness. You will become swept away with them. Thoughts can only put you in the future or the past. So initially you will become so consumed with your thoughts and then eventually, you will start to notice yourself lost in your thoughts and then you can train yourself to come back gently to your breath and the present moment. 



          The key thing here is to never scold yourself, get frustrated that you got swept away by your thoughts. When you do get frustrated or scold yourself your body will become agitated and tense and the mind will too and it will make sitting at ease very difficult. But again the great news is that with a building awareness will see how you caused your frustration when you got frustrated that you could not stop your thinking.




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