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How to Meditate?

How to MeditateThe biggest keys to learning how to meditate are to observe and allow.  Sit down somewhere comfortable and close your eyes and just focus on your breath. When you attention goes somewhere else just bring it back to your breath without any judgement.



How to Meditate with Good form?


 I strongly recommend buying a meditation cushion. This could mean the difference between sitting for 5 agonizing minutes for your butt, legs and back or to sit like me for 50 min in relative ease. When I first starting meditating I would sit on a yoga ball. This forced me to keep my core engaged and sit up erect. This was quite helpful at the beginning because keeping my core engaged and sitting up straight meant that I did not doze off or fall asleep. I was fully concentrated and never had my legs fall asleep and avoided any awkward pains in my body.



            The downside to the yoga ball is unlike sitting on the floor on a meditation cushion I could not be 100% relaxed because my core was engaged. I made the switch to a meditation cushion after about 4 months because I wanted the feeling of 100% relaxation during my meditation.



             Now that you are sitting down on your meditation cushion close your eyes.  To learn how to meditate you must understand the whole idea behind meditation.  It is too quiet the brain from its incessant need to have thoughts and images running through its plane.


From the beginning of time, man has always had the same problem with his brain. While the external world its landscape, technology, science etc. have changed dramatically the problems of human suffering has not.  The suffering is caused by our thoughts. When you learn how to meditate daily you will open a new world.


          I am not saying we should punish our brains for having thoughts or that our brains are the cause. What I am saying is that a brain is a tool and there is a master behind that tool that runs the brain. We need to make a connection with that part of ourselves because it is who we really are.


           Some people call this master God, soul, spirit, love, Atman, Higher self, Christ consciousness etc. In other words, it is the one that sees, the one that hears, the one that tastes, the one that smells, the one that feels and the one that thinks. 


          The most amazing thing is that once your awareness begins to increase you will see that 100% of the suffering you go through is caused by you. All the sadness, regret, jealousy, grudges, depression is all caused by the mind.  We can change our perception of everything that happens to us or has happened to us in the past.  We can change our perceptions of ourselves. 


The million dollar question is how do I begin to control my thoughts

This is a very important question asked by meditators. This is also a major issue around all humans. Everyone is trying to control their thoughts. They want more positive thoughts and they want to stop all the negative thoughts running through their heads. There are thousands of books regarding positive thinking. Some of them I have tried. I regretfully say that positive thinking is a short term solution. The beliefs stored in our subconscious mind dictate what we think about.  Most people have very limited awareness of their subconscious.



           80% of what is stored in our subconscious was done at a very early age between 1-8 years old. This means we are still living our current lives based on our beliefs, values and perception of life when we were 1-8 years old. It is no wonder why many psychologists say that most of our beliefs are negative. This all makes sense when we think about how many people are suffering in this world. The people suffering from depression is at an all-time high.

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