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Meditation Before Bed


Meditation before Bed Benefits:

  1. Increased Deep Restful Sleep
  2. Wake up refreshed and ready to be a warrior
  3. Increased alertness and focus the next day



Meditation before sleep techniques:

(First lay down in a comfortable position, preferably on your back. Turn off all the lights and get ready as if you are going to sleep. Now begin your meditation before bed)


  1. Focus on your inhales and exhales as they reach the pit of your stomach just below your belly button.
  2. Notice your overall mood and emotions as they change while always using your breath as an anchor to come back to.
  3. Notice if you have any muscle tension or aches in your body.
  4. Notice if you cannot follow these directions and notice anything else that comes up.
  5. Be aware if you judge, criticize or distract yourself.
  6. Your awareness should not be overly aggressive or tense. Keep it light and notice how relaxed your mind and body are becoming.
  7. Finally, Enjoy!



meditation before bed



Personally, I have tried meditation before sleep and I have found it to be not what most people would expect it to be. When people think of meditation they think of bliss and serenity. When you mix that with doing a meditation practice before bed then it should be a recipe for heavenly dreams shouldn’t it?


          Well, all I can say is that there have been times when it took me hours to fall asleep when I did a mediation session before bed. While other times I slept like a new born baby and there has been times when it took 10-15 min to fall asleep. It is just a mixed bag of outcomes. That is why I say meditation before bed can increase your chances of a deep restful sleep but there are also a handful of other tips and tricks which I will dive into here.


          The thing I discovered was that sometimes my mind and body just don’t want to fall asleep when I want them to. There will be days when it is much easier to fall asleep then others whether I do a meditation before bed or not. See here for the best meditation position to help your body ease into a practice. I believe there are other things that are equally important if not more when one wants to optimize for sleep.


Sleep Optimization Techniques

  1. Wake up and Wind down at regular times
  2. Eat a well-balanced diet and don’t munch 2 hours before bed.
  3. Drink lots of alkaline water
  4. Exercise moderately
  5. Turn off your phone or place it on silent
  6. Forgive others before bed (don’t hold any grudges)
  7. Make sure your pillow is ideal for your body type
  8. Invest in a quality mattress
  9. Drink relaxing tea


meditation before sleep

          It comes down to a personal decision whether or not you want to meditate before sleep. I have talked to both experienced and early stage meditators and there was nothing that told me from these conversations that meditation could grant one a much deeper sleep if it is practiced right before bed. I can say that a meditation practice does help me fall asleep if I do it earlier in the day.


           If you meditate at any time other than before you go to bed you can minimize any distractions that might come up later in the day. What normally occurs during meditation is that you come face to awareness with thoughts, circumstances, and perspectives that are troubling you. These usually produce emotions, feelings and dis-ease in your body. When they are brought to your awareness they go away.


You go from dis-ease to ease. Your body will feel light and relaxed. Your nervous system will return to its optimal capabilities. As a result, you will enter your bed at night feeling at ease and ready to fulfill your purpose at night which is to get straight to your z’s as quick and easy as possible.


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