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Meditation for beginnersHaving meditated for about 3 years now I have been through many obstacles and pitfalls during my journey. If you want to learn meditation for beginners then continue reading. Along the way were numerous revelations about myself and life. What a glorious road it has been so far and I am looking forward to what this journey has in store for me. I can definitely steer a new meditator along the path and give him information to take along the journey.


Meditation for Beginners is as natural as breathing.


            First thing, let me say that meditation for beginners is as natural as breathing. It is a simple technique even a child can do.  Once you learn a few basic principles you will become your own master. If people 4000 years ago could meditate and many others have done so ever since then anyone can do it.


           Props you will need are a yoga ball or meditation cushion. Timer or you can use your smartphone (just make sure you have it set to do not disturb so you will not hear any calls or texts).  Earplugs in case you’re in a noisy place.


            Next, make sure you are in a quiet space.  And if not put in your ear plugs. Set your timer to go off in 20 min.  Now sit on your yoga ball or meditation cushion. If you’re using the yoga ball make sure it has enough air in it so you can sit comfortably like any other chair except you will be with perfect posture here. You have nothing to recline on and your core muscles will be forced to contract. Now that you are sitting you can close your eyes.


           Put your awareness on your breath.  Focus your inner eye on the point just below the naval. Observe the inhale and exhale. Observe the pauses in between.  Notice any thoughts that come to your mind.  Notice when you have judgements about meditation. Notice your frustration… Basically, notice and become aware of everything while always coming back to the breath and always have your mind focussed on the point just below your naval. You are closing in on the path to self-mastery.


            The breath here is used a crutch to settle your mind down. One day you will eventually leave the breath as a major point of awareness and just slip right into your God-like essence, soul, spirit, Atman, higher self. But for now, and until you have mastered the basics of meditation you will use your breath.


            Try and just relax each time you observe your breath. You want to get more and more relaxed. Observe your body and the different sensations around it as well.  Notice the tension in your body. Notice if it’s hot or cold. Notice any muscle soreness. Notice any energy in parts of the body.  Continue this and remember ordinary becomes extraordinary.



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