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Meditation for Social Anxiety

Meditation for social anxietyIf you suffer from anxiety and nervousness when having to go into public or just being around people then meditation can bring you a swift recovery. Meditation for social anxiety is known to be quite helpful. If you are beating yourself up with endless amounts of negative self-talk, meditation will help you.  If you miss the feeling of going out and having fun laughing and smiling then you might want to try meditation.


             Is Meditation for Social Anxiety the same as Suppressing thoughts? 


               Suppression is not the same as becoming aware of thoughts and aware of the thinker who is having the thoughts. Most people who suffer from anxiety disorders, depression or mental illnesses have very little awareness of themselves. If you sit by yourself and face up to all the thoughts and feelings in your body and release that energy then you will surely become a more balanced individual. If you are out in public and feel unpleasant feelings in your body you are thinking disempowering thoughts. Practicing meditation from the comfort of your own home allows you to feel safe and go deeper into the darkness.



              While in meditation, the disempowering thoughts and feelings will come up for you. Initially, you can tell yourself you are in a safe place and no one is here that can judge you. You can be at peace with that. Now you can watch the feelings and thoughts come up. Don’t try and stop them right away. Just let them be and practice observing them just like your breath. Thoughts come up for a reason. They come up because our beliefs dictate our thoughts.



                In other words, what you think about all day is based around beliefs you have.  Beliefs are usually things we are unaware of. They are in our subconscious that was formed when we were 1-8 years old. This is another reason why we want to meditate and raise our awareness level. We need to gain SELF-MASTERY. We want to become aware of what’s not in our conscious mind right now like disempowering beliefs which are stored deep in our subconscious mind. We basically want to get to the essence of our thinking.



           So back to letting the thoughts and feelings come up. Meditation for social anxiety will be helpful. Watch the thoughts and they will tell you about what you believe about yourself, others and things. There may be a past event which happened and because you were so young and with very little experience you made a perception about that event that was negative and it created a belief which was disempowering and always made you feel bad. Over the years, you built around that belief with many different pieces of real life events and now that belief is made stronger and concrete. With awareness, you will see right through your beliefs and change the ones you no longer need.


Meditation for Social Anxiety take aways

          This new way of building beliefs will help you to make good choices. You will no longer feel inferior, sad and worthless. You can begin to feel confident in yourself and who you are. You will build from within and nothing will hold you back in life. The feelings of anxiety and depression will become manageable and a new you will emerge. During meditation for social anxiety become aware that you are not the content but the awareness of the content. 

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