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My Morning Meditation Prayer


          A morning meditation prayer for peace of mind is a wonderful way to bring healing into your life. Many people have a misguided definition when it comes to prayer. For me, my meditation prayer is an opportunity to speak with the God inside me. It is not all about asking the creator for more and more things that add to our ego and image. It is about giving thanks, asking for things in life that we need rather than want and anything else that needs to be said.


“Speak with the God inside”


          More to that, in essence, we all have God inside of us.  Who we are actually praying to is OURSELVES which is God. And further to that, the one that is actually praying is also God. So it is God praying to God. A DEEP DEEP awareness of our consciousness will solidify this statement but don’t worry if your awareness level has not reached this point.


morning meditation prayer


I often begin my day with my morning meditation routine. In that routine I do have meditation and prayer included. So normally when I pray I have already meditated for a long time and I am completely CENTERED, CONNECTED AND BALANCED. It is at this point I begin my meditation prayer for healing. I always begin with thanks and appreciation to the creator for all the things given to me. I next move to blessing all the ones I love including my family and friends. I always add in time to forgive others if there is conflict in my life. More importantly I forgive myself as well.


I then continue my meditation prayer with asking the creator for things I want in life. Usually, after meditation, they are things I truly want and it comes from a more refined mature mind. I end my prayer with voicing anything that needs attention.



My meditation prayer usually is 5 min or less and is a brilliant experience and great way to add more spirituality into your life. Here are the main points I try to establish in my morning meditation prayer each time.


Morning Meditation Prayer Tips

  1. Meditate for at least 5 min before your prayer
  2. Pray silently thanking the creator for all the things you have
  3. Pray for blessings of your loved ones
  4. Pray for forgiveness of others and yourself
  5. Pray for anything else that needs a voice
  6. Have a few moments of silence and awareness before ending.


There you have it! You should be feeling beautiful, calm, peaceful and full of joy! Thank yourself because your morning meditation prayer for peace of mind is complete.


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