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My Morning Meditation Routine

my morning meditaion routineMy Morning meditation routine is probably the best part of my day. If your anything like me then you know if you don’t do the most important things in your life in the early AM before work, then life gets in the way later on and you never get to do it. My morning meditation routine is my gift to my soul. It is as necessary as water, food and oxygen! You have to ask yourself if you’re not a ROCKSTAR in your work, relationship and health life then what is the common denominator. It is always YOU. I will be explaining how to start a morning meditation routine and all the benefits you will reap. It is as simple as ABC.



A morning meditation routine will help you harness that internal energy and fuel your day in a positive ROCKSTAR manner. Your life manifestations will take a turn towards your dreams. Isn’t that enough of a reason to begin. Don’t you deserve this gift? Well then PLUG INTO YOUR SOUL or whatever you want to call that part of you that is the origin and essence of yourself.


Morning meditation routine benefits can be quite dramatic. Here are just my favorites.

Top 5 Morning Meditation Benefits



  1. Reach your Performance Peak in the AM rather than PM
  2. Accomplish 2 times more than you normally would
  3. Feel accomplished and successful before you step out in the world
  4. Balance your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.
  5. Access your subconscious mind to be more aware of the gold nuggets along your life’s journey



The morning meditation routine benefit that I personally love the most is reaching my peak in the AM. Before I started my meditation routine, I found that it took a few hours in the day before I would reach my peak performance. What I mean is there would be some part of me that was not operating at its optimal level.



morning meditation prayer

Sometimes physically I was tired or had a muscle cramp. Or mentally I was completely foggy but physically I was ok. The point is there are so many aspects of ourselves that we never exercise. The physical body is not the only thing that needs to be exercised and maintained regularly.  After I started my morning routine, I was firing on all cylinders. I felt amazing in every way. It was not by chance. It was a systematic change I stuck with because when you get amazing results in life it is absolutely contagious.


“After I started my morning routine, I was firing on all cylinders”

How to start a morning meditation routine? You give yourself enough reasons why.  Here is a list of the things I will do on virtually every morning.


Morning Meditation Routine

  1. Grateful Journal 5 min
  2. Pranayama breathing 5 min
  3. Morning Meditation 20-60 min
  4. Morning Meditation prayer 5 min
  5. Yoga 3-5 min
  6. Walk/Cardio 30 min
  7. Detox tea
  8. Green Vegan Protein Smoothie


And then I conquer my world!

morning meditation routine







Now, I am going to break it down further. My morning begins with my 5 min GRATEFUL JOURNAL. First, I wake up usually with my alarm. My phone is kept on silent so that means no calls or texts will be disturbing me at night or during my MORNING GLORY! I keep a journal next to my bed and you can keep a laptop near you as well in case you don’t want anyone reading your hand written journal. Just make sure to protect your computer.  Once I grab my journal I set a 5 min timer on my phone to alert me when it expires. I begin to write in my journal about all the things I am thankful in my life. Sometimes I am still half asleep at this point but that is the single most important thing to this exercise.


grateful journal

You are training the mind even when it is not fully reached its most alert level to search for positive things in your life. Just think about how the mind will function when it is fully alert. You are training the mind when it is groggy and dull to see the positive and that will impact your day and life in amazing ways. When I run out of things I am thankful for I write about what am I happy about in my life. These could be the most obvious to the most subtle things in life. I am grateful for my family, friends, my mind, my body and so much more.


Step 2. Pranayama Breathing


After my 5 min timer goes off, I get out of bed officially and move towards my meditation cushion which is located next to my bed. I wrap my blanket around my legs just to keep warm and also for added support for my legs. I set my timer for 5 min and begin my yoga pranayama breathing exercises. It is excellent for the nervous system and it radically changes your physiology. I feel so much more clear mentally, calmer emotionally and alert physically after my yogic breathing. If you have never tried this type of breathing before meditation you will be quite surprised just how much deeper you can go into your meditation. There is so much to prana breathing that it would be impossible to cover in one short blog post. 





Step 3.  Formal Morning Meditation 


After my breathing exercise, I move to my formal mediation which for me is probably the most important part of my day. I practice many styles of meditation in my practice. I combine vipassana, transcendental meditation, third eye, and awareness on awareness meditations all together into one. I believe they all go hand and hand.  For me, all styles of meditations all lead to awareness on awareness which is simply when someone becomes focused on awareness.



Step 4 Morning Meditation Prayer


After my formal meditation, I end it off with a meditation prayer. I like to go over what I am grateful for in life, what I want to work towards in my day and anything else that needs to be said. I believe this is my time with the creator. I feel more in tuned with the creator after my meditation. If there is something bothering me or if I need something or am struggling with something in my life this allows me to silently talk with the creator. It really is quite an intimate moment and I find it to be much more powerful after I do my meditation vs. going straight to prayer without connecting with my awareness.


One more thing I will like to add is that when I am connected with myself after meditation life just seems to make so much more sense and is much clearer. At this point, my prayers take on a different level of tone and content. When I am not connected to myself prayer is more about cravings and wanting things and it is many times more image/ego based.  Prayers are immensely powerful after connecting with your awareness.



“Prayers are immensely powerful after connecting with your awareness.”


Step 5 Yoga


After sitting down for this long my legs and back usually need some hatha yoga. I like to do a few stretches for my hips.  My absolute favorites are the lizard pose, pigeon pose and frog pose. Once I finish theses I feel refreshed and any tension that was in my legs and back during meditation is now gone.  This regular practice of stretching also is good because it will allow you to sit in mediation longer without having any nagging pains. Some pains are normal and everyone gets them but the key is to minimize them.



Step 6 Low-Intensity Cardio/Walk


My next part of my morning meditation routine is my low-intensity cardio workout. I hardly call it a workout because it is not as intense as my evening workouts. I use an elliptical machine and go for 30 minutes. I set the speed/resistance level to 5.  Because I do this on an empty stomach I burn fat right away. It is a really great way to shed those extra pounds and requires very little effort. I also love to do cardio in the morning because it just gets the blood and oxygen flowing to all parts of my body the most important being my brain. This sets the tone for the rest of my day and I feel physically ready to conquer. I often will listen to an audio book while doing this 30 min session. I love listening to books on business, motivation/self-help, and meditation. So I am learning while exercising. Try in case you have not started already. It is a cheap and convenient way to listen to audio books on your phone.


dr miller wholy tea

Step 7 Detox Tea


After I am done, I take a short 5 min breather and then have my detox tea. The one I find the best for me is Dr. Millers detox tea. I absolutely love it. It has helped to keep my gut healthy. I have gained so many benefits from it that I use it religiously now. I don’t know how I survive all these years without a detox tea. I feel so much lighter, I absorb my food better and never feel bloated or constipated. Some reviews I have read on Dr. Millers Wholly tea say that they did not like it because they did not lose weight. For me, it is more important how I feel and there are other things you can do to lose weight.


Step 8 Green Protein Smoothie


My last part of my morning meditation ritual is my green vegan protein smoothie.  What I have is the Garden of Life Raw Meal replacement in cocoa flavor.  It is totally vegan and tastes sensational! I always use my Nutri bullet to blend my shakes and I always add water.  I always mix lots of healthy products to my shake to add flavor and get more nutrition. I add almonds, walnuts, watermelon seeds, udo oil, and blueberries.  It makes for quite an amazing breakfast.


There you have it that is my morning meditation routine. It is a magical routine and provides tremendous amounts of benefits. Everyone deserves such a routine and you don’t have to do everything exactly the way I do but try and do as many as possible.  I would say do at least 5 out of the 8 steps and you will be feeling the benefits of this morning ritual.

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