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My 4 Hour a Day Facebook Addiction

social media.png 2Several years ago I used to have a facebook addiction. Yes, I will admit it. I always just thought it was a faze I was going through. Well, that FAZE lasted over 6 months. I was on social media for about 4 HOURS A DAY. I was going through photos and profiles and it all started out so innocently. 


From there it snowballed into adding new friends, getting requests from people I did not know but were friends of friends and then there were the unknowns who were people I had absolutely no connection with. It was all flattering in the beginning. What soon happened was to my surprise. I started to feel what is now commonly known as Facebook Fatigue.


social media.png3

             I started to feel depressed. I was seeing people having fun in virtually all the images I was seeing and I began to feel envious. I was creating all types of scenarios in my mind about what I thought was happening in those images and what I was missing.


          To be honest I was having fun in my life as well but it always seems like the grass is greener on the other side. There was a feeling I was experiencing not being included. Perhaps I thought my social life and social standing were not up to par with the folks I was seeing on facebook.


social media


That is when I came to the conclusion that I have no idea what was happening on the other end of the facebook profile. I think I know these people but for the most part, other than my closest friends I did not know enough to have the slightest inkling what these people go through on a day to day. They might be equally facebook fatigued or not. But I had no idea. What I did know was that I had to turn my facebook blues around.



          I had always heard about how meditation makes people more peaceful and lowers your stress. I did not realize all the benefits of meditation. I thought I should give it a try. I was always physically fit and eating a healthy diet according to most people’s standards. But even that was not working on the inner foundation of my being. My level of happiness and joy needed help in the most dramatic way. The meditation chapter of my life began.


         I knew that sitting on the floor was not an option as I have tried sitting like this before and it only took minutes before it becomes excruciatingly uncomfortable. So I grabbed a yoga ball and sat on it with my feet planted on the floor. I dimmed the lights and sat in front of my bathroom mirror. I sat for about 20 min with my eyes opened just focusing on my breath and also looking at myself in the mirror. I would pretty much just look at one place in the mirror and try to hold that gaze for as long as I could. What I felt during and afterwards was nothing short of amazing.


What is consciousness

I never realized how much excess energy was in my body and it was just being released by me simply giving attention to myself. I never realized how much I was thinking and how the direction of my thinking was the culprit in any negative feelings I felt. Within that 20 min, my thinking did begin to slow down and so did the emotions in my body. I began to feel a sense of harmony between my mind and body until it felt like one.


          It was a feeling that only happened once in a blue moon in my life and here I was doing something that could bring about this feeling on a regular basis. I felt like I discovered the greatest invention of my life. Since that day over 3 years ago I have been meditating daily.


          My facebook addiction has ceased. I am happier, peaceful and joyful than I have ever been in my life. I do believe that the journey I took to get here was worth it even if I had to go through facebook fatigue for 6 months.



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