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My Definition of “I”



MeditationIf you ever forget that feeling just stop for a moment and ask who am I?  Do not distract yourself too much. Never lose sight of it. Or rather never identify with anything other than the formless. This will be hard but try and persist. But don’t try too hard. This universal mind is always there. It is always has been. It is you. It is me. It is every human past and present. 


          We only lose sight of this when we become so distracted and identify with other things like our thoughts, our goals, our day to day stuff. O what a terrible feeling to know what it is and then to lose it again and again. Only to come back to it again. It is always there. The higher connection to it will only get stronger in this life. One moment of connection is worth eternity.


            Where does it go when you become identified with your thoughts and your day to day stuff?  Your attention and focus are on something else and you think that it is something or someone else who is focussed on that task. When in fact it is the formless that is using its power to focus and is the source of all things.


To learn how to meditate properly :


         Who is it that is having these thoughts? Is it the mind? Is the mind the master? Is it separate?  Who is reading this book? Who is it that is posting on social media? Is it this body using this mind? Body and mind cannot be the source because they are constantly changing and are only tools to something that is much greater.



                Is it the ignorance of our definition of “I”. What do most people mean by “I”. For example, I was walking my dog to the park to meet my friend so we could enjoy the afternoon together. If you said this and were asked who is this “I” you are referring to then you would most likely say me and point to yourself. That is actually a flawed answer. Identifying with the body and mind will only cause suffering throughout life. The genius is the universal mind which is the formless energy that is the “I”.




Can it be to remember always who is “I” and only then to remain connected to the infinite universal mind that is the essence of everything. No doubt this source brings the greatest feelings of bliss, peace, tranquility, harmony, wisdom, love, compassion I have ever experienced in life. The feelings are so rich and deep. These feelings, power and wisdom are experienced and make up the source. Nothing ever needs to be accomplished externally in society to experience what is the essence of who we are.  Never want anything too much in this society as it is full of distractions and transient things. It can be a form of hell if one is not aware of who they are.


           Back to remembering who I am and the correct definition and not identifying with all the wrong ones.  Who is looking at the sun? Who is listening to the sounds of traffic and the horns of cars? Who is standing here?  Who turns their head to look another direction?  Who is it that feels the sensations of hold and cold in the body? Who is it that breathes into the lungs? Where is this formless source of all things?

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