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Self-Mastery Equals Life Mastery

Self-masteryToday’s meditation was incredible. Self-mastery for me is the key to Life mastery. You think you know yourself but watching and studying yourself is such an elegant sacred art. I was sitting in a regular chair today doing my meditation when I started to notice that the very beginning of my breath felt forced. It felt like I was grasping for air. Almost like when something stressful happens to you during the day and you take a deep breath out of necessity to clear your mind. I have noticed this feeling at the beginning of my breaths many times and it is much different when I feel completely at ease.  The breath then is automatic, it’s gentle, it flows in naturally and my mind is calm and serene.



           I soon began to realize that on a very subtle level that I was having slightly agitated feelings in my body and my mind was feeling this way too. I could not identify any specific thoughts or images that were related to this agitation. But just noticing the beginning of the breath and the feelings of this agitation in my body and mind made me fall deeper into relaxation and into my essence. I felt home again. I was closer to self-mastery than I had ever been.  A layer of crap was taken off the top and I was closer to home. Closer to my original state. It was a glorious feeling. If you want to learn what is meditation click here.



          I surrendered to my breath and began to master myself. A similar event has been happening in that I have been dozing off frequently as of late during meditation. Instead of trying to control it and bringing myself back to full concentration I just decided for the next little while I will just go with it and surrender to it. Maybe there is some reason my body is conveying this message to me.


Self-Mastery is Life Mastery and Pure Consciousness


         I do not want to fall asleep during meditation nor do I want to be trying to get somewhere during mediation. Self-mastery is about accepting the good and the bad. I try to be present in the moment and not hold on to any goals during meditation like I want it to be better than last time or I want to get some deep revelations in my life. All are nice to have but I try to just be.  Be present in the now.



              While dozing off and coming back I noticed that I was not falling asleep but was just a few steps away from that. I was still slightly aware even in my dozing off. I noticed a sense of fear. I was starting to forget myself, where I was, what I was planning on doing right after and with my day. It was a state I felt indifferent about. I started to focus on this more.  I often get deep into my mediation but have not been able to get so deep into it.   When I do I transcend my personality, time and space.  When you are transcending the mind, body and breath you will understand the famous saying.


“The kingdom of heaven lies within”. It is true that we can have hell on earth or heaven on earth.



               I believe that when we let go and get connected with our divine self you will be in heaven.  You will have gained self-mastery which is life mastery. The sense of fear I had when dozing off and forgetting where I was or what my plans were was so refreshing when I think back on it. When I asked myself why I was getting fearful it was a feeling of no control that was scaring me. Then I started to think how much control do you think we actually have over things in life? We have the ability to control our free will but no control over results. 


           So many things happen to us each day which we have no control over.   At this point, it seemed ridiculous to me to think I have any control over end results. I felt more at ease now to just surrender to the divine. I put my trust in the creator. My life has gotten better and I believe the creator will not give us anything we are not strong enough to learn from.

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