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Concentration 2.0


buddha Where is God?

  Can the way to God be by concentration? How long can one focus his concentration on anything without wavering or losing focus. One moment the immensity and formless is felt. For that moment in time, it is glorious and wonderful. Then something

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who am I My Definition of “I”

    If you ever forget that feeling just stop for a moment and ask who am I?  Do not distract yourself too much. Never lose sight of it. Or rather never identify with anything other than the formless. This

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Meditation for social anxiety Meditation for Social Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety and nervousness when having to go into public or just being around people then meditation can bring you a swift recovery. Meditation for social anxiety is known to be quite helpful. If you are beating

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Meditation for beginners Meditation for beginners

Having meditated for about 3 years now I have been through many obstacles and pitfalls during my journey. If you want to learn meditation for beginners then continue reading. Along the way were numerous revelations about myself and life. What

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What is meditation What is meditation?

What is meditation is quite an interesting question when you think about it. For even those of us who meditate asking this question really brings clarity to our practice. People have been meditating for over 4000 years according to written

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