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Transcending the Mind, Body and Breath

Transcending the mind, body and breathTranscending the mind, body and breath will take time. You never force it. Just like certain meditation techniques will teach you to become patient and not become overly focused on your result. Here again is another opportunity to use patience and staying present in the moment.



            To learn to meditate you must get used to concentrating on your breath if you want to transcend the mind, body and breath.  You may want to begin with transcendental meditation TM. When you have practiced returning to your breath over and over again and when your thoughts are no longer the centerpiece to your awareness this means you are close. When after doing a body scan meditation your sensations and feelings are no longer the centerpieces to your awareness then all that is left is the breath.


By this time, I usually am feeling a sense of quietness that is unheard of in the external world. I may also be going through feelings of joy and happiness that feel so natural and yet much different than anything experienced in the external world. You will begin to enter a different state of consciousness. This level will only go deeper and stronger as your practice. It can be carried over into your daily life as well.  And it feels extraordinary.



            You are now at a level of awareness where you are the SUBJECT AND OBJECT. You have taken a step back from your old reality. You no longer identify with your mind or body. Those are only parts of you. They are tools. You are now identifying with your essence. This is who you really are. Become familiar with this part of you. It has been described as the eternal.  There is no beginning or end to it. It has infinite wisdom. It is the same thing in all living beings. We are told by the great ones before us it was here in previous life forms.  And it will continue to take human lives in the future unless it is fully realized in this life. You must develop a connection to that part in order to stop the cycle of rebirth.


How to get started Transcending the Mind, Body and Breath?


              It can be difficult to choose a length of time to practice your meditation techniques. When I first started I would meditate for 20-40 minutes every 3-4 days and do it in the evening. After seeing the profound effect it was having on my life I increased it into a daily practice consisting of 1-4 hours daily. As you can see I really wanted to learn to meditate.



           I suggest choosing a length of time for meditation that is challenging but do not do it for your ego. Remember that transcending your mind, body and breath may be faster for some than others. Daily meditation should not be just another thing that you do in your unconscious life. I would also suggest asking yourself prior to leaving your meditation why you choose that particular moment to leave. 


                If your meditation is honestly over then that is fine. If you are leaving because of an intense unpleasant feeling in your body, frustration that you could not still your mind today or knots in your stomach making your breathing constricted then I would suggest you sit longer in meditation until you have a more balanced energy and then get up.  Transcending the mind, body and breath takes time. Facing the unpleasant feelings in a body scan meditation will help you become more accustomed to those unpleasant sensations and feelings during your daily life as well.




                  The longest I have meditated was close to 4 hours. I did take about 6 breaks of 2-4 min each time though to stretch my legs. Long sessions can be an excellent confidence booster in your practice. Additionally, the long length allows you to sink deeper into your stillness. It is such an amazing feeling to transcend the mind, body and breath. The higher states of consciousness are filled with ecstasy. Read all the benefits of meditation here. Once you experience these higher levels of consciousness you will realize that you need absolutely nothing to make you happy and have inner peace. You will then be able to move around in your daily life doing the same things you do currently and even try new things with a new found overflowing love, happiness and inner peace.



             I think for each person you will have to find that balance for the particular length of time you choose to meditate. You can do two sessions in a day. One in the morning and one in the evening. You can do one long session in the morning, evening or night.  Do it as often as you can. Have fun for the most part. And remember to always just observe everything that goes on during your daily meditation.




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