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What is Consciousness?

What is consciousnessIt is referred to as the Brahman in Hindu traditions and numerous other names in other traditions. What is consciousness is one the most important questions in the human experience. They are all pointing to one thing, however.  Consciousness is the only thing that is real. In other words, IT IS EVERLASTING, REAL AND PERMANENT.



Do we know yet What is Consciousness?


Each living being has this consciousness. Some people call it the higher self, awareness, essence etc.  To look out into the external world there are many things that are not everlasting.  For example money, popularity, awards, accomplishments, and book knowledge are all things which do not last.  You can also put your mind and body into that same category. When your body dies you cannot take any of these with you.


More importantly, each one of these things and anything else which is not the source will only bring you temporary changes in your feelings.


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               If it is happiness, joy, inner peace and love that we are ultimately searching for in this life then we must go after something which will bring us eternal happiness, joy, inner peace and love.  This is where it becomes helpful to ask ourselves what is consciousness?  Everyone is searching for these feelings whether they are aware of it or not. For someone whose focus is money and buying all the luxury items that money can buy he is only doing this because he wants to create a feeling of happiness and joy within himself.



Basically, it comes down to feelings. We only do things in our lives to change how we feel.



             If we feel unaccomplished, not up to par, depressed, hurt, rejected, not loved etc. then we likely want to change those feelings and not want them to come back. So our answer might be to make more money, get another degree or expand our social circle. It is not wrong to want to feel eternal happiness and inner peace.  Most of us are just searching for it in the wrong place.  Also, it is not the object we are going after to create our happiness that is the evil. Money, degrees, and relationship are all good. We as people using our selfish ego minds perceive these objects the wrong way. We only get a little taste of what we think is happiness in money, fame, awards etc. We then eventually get bored and strive for the next thing which again will give us temporary happiness.



                In any place you go your consciousness goes. So you can quiet your mind down and just be still. Listen to what is around. Breathe and relax. There comes a certain awareness, consciousness and presence. This is the Atman. This is the same thing which is in every living being. It is the same thing that is in between every being. It is the thing that makes up the world. The source is a little piece of the Almighty Creator. So go back to the stillness and awareness you just had. Spend as much time as possible with that connection and it will become easier and easier to start living your life from that place consciously.



                   When connecting to the source I feel such immense love. I feel happiness and joy that I have never experienced in my life. I feel a sense of inner peace that no amount of money, compliments, awards, relationships, tasty cuisine, and travelling to exotic beaches will bring. It is our natural state. It is tragic that so many people miss this opportunity to connect with their higher self when it feels like Heaven on earth. When you seek things which are everlasting you get an everlasting feeling and when you seek things which are temporary you get temporary feelings.

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