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What is meditation?

What is meditationWhat is meditation is quite an interesting question when you think about it. For even those of us who meditate asking this question really brings clarity to our practice. People have been meditating for over 4000 years according to written records. I am quite sure people were meditating prior to that as well. I am not sure if they called it meditation though.


        It is quite interesting what a word can bring up thought wise and image wise in our minds. What is meditation exactly then? Some people think meditation is religion, you have to be a monk, and it’s only for people who live in monasteries and people that don’t have fun. For this reason, I am now for this articles sake going to call mediation something else. I will call it “one”.


What is Meditation ?


          So what is one? One is the name of a method that will bring you eternal happiness, inner peace, joy, connection, love, bliss, clarity and divine energy. It should have been ingrained in you when you were a little child but society is still searching for eternal happiness, inner peace, joy, connection, love, bliss, clarity and divine energy in all the wrong places. Basically, it can also be found when you ask what is consciousness?



       One is so simple because it requires nothing outside yourself to get. It seems so counterintuitive to say that we can feel more love and joy by doing nothing. And by simply being we attain this goal. If you are having problems understanding then “being” can replace the word “doing”.


         In our natural state, which is the state where we go to during one we experience love, joy, inner peace and wisdom. Where we come from before we begin one can be manifold. We are either caught up in our minds or bodies. With thoughts or feelings. Another way of looking at it is that we don’t need to gain anything to get to our natural state we only need to get rid of things.



         So if we think this new relationship, new high paying job, more expensive house etc. is the thing that will cure our suffering and we will finally be able to be happy and experience love then we are dead wrong. That is what you need to drop and get rid of in order to get back to your natural state where love and joy are its states.




           You might say why then if it is our natural state is there a method to get back there or to get rid of stuff, I am so confused. Society has its ways, we as humans do too. We are tempted by shiny, beautiful sense objects that drive us away from our essence.  In the great Indian scripture “The Bhagavad Gita” this whole life journey is described in beautiful detail. It tells us that life is a battle. We are constantly being tempted by external stimuli and taken away from our inner being. We need to stand firm and not allow ourselves to get lost in the external.

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