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Where is God?


meditationCan the way to God be by concentration? How long can one focus his concentration on anything without wavering or losing focus. One moment the immensity and formless is felt. For that moment in time, it is glorious and wonderful. Then something happens. The mind begins to think. It is no longer looking at itself in the mirror.  The beauty and divine love is gone for a second.  Or is it.


          The great Sages say it never goes anywhere. If you learn how to meditate then it is always present. Always among us. Inside and outside it is.  Its occupation then may not be to constantly be aware of itself.  It created the body. It created the mind. It created all minds and all bodies since the beginning of time.  What a magnificent force. How can we then say that we are anything but that magnificent force? In our essence it lays there.


All the forces when combined together make up the greatest force.  It wears many different forms. Sun, moon, earth, humans, animals, plants, trees, water, fire, oxygen, the whole entire universe.  They all have 1 common denominator. All 1 essence. All bow to the same creator.




            Will I ever be present in it for eternity? Or is it wavering.  Do I even want it for eternity? I made this body and mind. I want to be here. This is fun. But I never want to forget my creator. I have created 2 separate beings it seems. One is the almighty and has no birth or end the other is a form that is only temporarily here.


            This is supposed to be fun. You never need anything to feel happy and bliss. You have everything. It is no urgency to get more things and accumulate more. It is just a game. A fun non-competitive game. No competition with other humans here who are all here for similar reasons. To have fun. We will all soon be reunited with the Supreme creator of all things.


          Accomplishments are of no matter to the creator. Finishing first or last is of no consequence. First and last are unknown to him. Society is wrapped in its evil way of thinking. Such disdain I feel for those who have created this without teaching about the “I”.


         Society has left out the most fundamental quality to this entire rat race. There is no point without him. There is nothing important without him. There is no reason to do without him. No reason to get up without him. No reason to breathe without him. No reason to live on without him.


        Been lost in society without knowing. So ignorant. It could have all been different with knowing. Doing the exact same things with knowing would have been far greater and with a compass. Now I can always return to his arms and feel everything that I need and realize all the things I don’t need.  I still feel worried from time to time that I will lose him. That I will forget him. That I will slip away and end up like the old self. To be away that long from him I could not bare.


          The feeling is so grand it makes me want to smile all day, give all day, say thank you, and be with him all day.


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