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Starting this Blog

My intention is first to create a detailed Journal of my meditation. It is published in case it is of interest. The target reader is future me! That said, I do plan to track its readership, and to add a commenting system in the hope it will inspire me and others to continue.

I should also add that the intention to start this journal came while reading “The Mind Illuminated”. I’m not in any way affiliated with this book, but I will recommend it for those wanting to take a deeper look at the mechanics of meditation.

About the Author

An overrun 30 something male with too many commitments. I’ve been meditating sporadically for around 18 months prior to starting this blog. I’m also very interested in the ideas of Buddhism. I may inject some Buddhist ideas in places, however, this is not intended to be a recommendation of Buddhism in any way. I also won’t be going into my personal circumstances too much, except where it is specifically relevant to my meditation.


Date Change
5th March 2019 Idea is formed to make this an online blog. I had initially been planning to write a paper based version only.
9th March 2019 Setup the basic style of the site
10th March 2019 The ongoing format is largely decided. I will attempt to meditate at least one 30 minute session per day. I will then review this as soon as possible after the event. I plan to add lots of tags to allow for easier searching in future.
20th March 2019 Blog first published online under mymeditationjournal.com
20th March 2019 Added Disqus comments
23rd March 2019 Added Basic search function added
28th March 2019 Stages and Method pages added
2nd April 2019 Added social sharing links
3rd April 2019 Overhauled the tagging system to make it simpler
10th April 2019 Added 'Archive' page to make easy to start from the beginning or a given month.
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