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Type: Metta Bhavana
Read Time: 2 mins
Today the pre-sitting walking meditation took around ten minutes. This session had a nice feel today. I found good mindfulness of the walking sensations. As we came to sit, I enjoyed a pleasant calm and looked forward to the practice. […] It had been a long time since I did a Metta Bhavana … Read More →
Type: Awareness of Breath
Read Time: 3 mins
Tonight I Attended a local Buddhist centres evening class. Having been on a slight break from the normal routing I was curious about how I might find it. This I believe had at least lowered my expectations, which I believe might be a good thing. […] Before we take to our seats for the mindful … Read More →
Type: Awareness of Breath
Read Time: 1 mins
This session was part of a meditation evening at a local Buddhist center. They often start with a session of walking around 10-15 minutes in a slow circle around the room. Noticing my mind was wandering a little as continued to walk I started to keep a count with “1”, “2”, … Read More →