2019-03-06 7:45pm 15m Walking Meditation

Type: Walking
Read Time: 1 mins


This meditation was performed as an introduction as part of a Metta Bhavana meditation evening at a local Buddhist center. We walked slowing around the room in two circles, with the aim of being mindful of the bodily sensations as you move. I do sometimes practice mindfulness while walking. Tonight though, walking this slowly in a room with other people feels a little silly.

During the meditation, my mind often wandered between random thoughts and future planning. I was at least aware enough to catch this process several times and bring attention back to the sensations on the soles of my feet.

On a positive note, I did feel better grounded in the present following the walk. I also felt well prepared to begin the next meditation.


Meditiation Type Walking
Meditiation Position Walking Indoors
Meditiation Length 15m
Meditiation Stages Stage-2
Tags Grounded Impatience Group Session
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