2019-03-07 1:05pm 15m Walking Meditation

Type: Walking
Read Time: 2 mins


I started out with the intention to maintain awareness on the soles of my feet as I walked. I had planned a pleasant route, about 15 minutes long with a steep hill in the middle which would take around five minutes of that. I set out at a fairly normal pace, just a little slower than my usual walking pace. As I tend to walk fast, this would not have looked slow to an outside observer.

I had not got far when I started to notice the drifting mind which has been common for me the last few days. After the results of the morning meditation, I decided to use a small mantra to help me focus. As I walked, I counted 1-2-3-4, in rhythmic time to my steps, while trying to note the sensations in the foot. As I carried on I noted that this seemed to help. My mind was still drifting away every chance it got, but I was pleased to see that the counting remained. It appeared to switch between my main and my peripheral focus, but it didn’t get lost.

I continued further and this effect became more apparent. The counting was sticking. This was a pleasant observation and I was pleased to see it stick until reaching my destination.

I was left with a mild sense of satisfaction and achievement in what had been a fairly slow going week.


Meditiation Type Walking
Meditiation Position Walking Outdoors
Meditiation Length 15m
Meditiation Stages Stage-2 Stage-2+
Tags Progress Joy Satisfaction Sense of Achievement Tired
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