2019-04-06 7:35am 35m Morning Sitting

Type: Awareness of Breath
Read Time: 2 mins


Again this morning I was slightly later than I would have liked, partially again due to odd sleeping arrangements last night. I came downstairs alone as this was the weekend and had a quick coffee and read a little of “The Mind Illuminated”. Around 15 minutes later, I went into my office, laid out the cushions and set up the essential oil diffuser.

  • Peaceful mind and more focus
  • Mastery of stage 3
  • Enjoyment in the practice
Possible Distractions
  • Background noises. Traffic now and children later
  • Seated on a pair of cushions on the floor - cross legged.


As I started this morning I noticed I had a little of the busy mind which had been present yesterday. It took a little while to get adjusted and settled before starting my preparations. The mind still wanted to wander, but it was tempered for the duration of the preparations.

I moved on to a long body scan to help overcome this. This went well and I found good focus. When I finished though, my mind immediately switched to thinking before I could move the breath. Seeing this, and catching it quickly I moved on.

As I went into awareness of breath I noticed the house was very quiet. So quiet in fact that I could hear a little traffic noise from the office which was mildly annoying but not a big distraction. I settled into a steady awareness of the breathing cycle, not using words at this point, except sometimes specifically noting the pause between breaths. This continued for around ten minutes, I felt very still. I little dullness crept in. This was also what, surprise surprise, I had read about this morning.

Because of this, I might have said that this dullness was superficial, but as I had two bad nights sleep in a row, it did have some justified causes. I watched this and saw that the dullness was combining with the distractions to gently lead me away. This became exaggerated when the youngest came downstairs with mum. I could hear them both pottering about quite loudly. After a few minutes of this, I decided to firm up the process a little with my usual commentary. I followed with the internal words “in”, “pause”, “out”, “pause”. This was an improvement and I kept this going for the final few minutes.

On finishing, I was left with a nice calm and relaxed energy, which lasted on for an hour or two.


Meditiation Type Awareness of Breath
Meditiation Position Seated Floor Cushion
Meditiation Length 35m
Meditiation Stages Stage-2+ Stage-3
Tags Dullness Busy Mind Calm Relaxed Energy
Satisfaction Rating 7
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