2019-04-10 9:00pm 20m Evening Sitting

Type: Awareness of Breath
Read Time: 1 mins


Following the previous two sessions (links below) we had a final session of mindful breathing. This is after a tea break and it starts with a few general questions. Part of this discussion talked about the balance and finding the right attention if you are sleepy or too alert. Given this is exactly what I had noted in Part 2 I found this uncanny. We settled into a short a mindfulness of breathing meditation and I found a fairly good attention. There was quite a bit of thinking present, which althrough detracting from my enjoyment, it didn’t cause me to forget.

I managed the breathing and the thinking, but I ended up with another issue I haven’t really had before - I kept needing to swallow siliva. This combined with the thinking to detract a little from the session. It was a fairly fast session as it was covering similar steps as before, but in a shorter timeframe. When the gong rang I got up and left an enjoyable evening to return home

  • Part 1 of the evening group session
  • Part 2 of the evening group session
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