2019-04-24 Evening Class

Type: Awareness of Breath
Read Time: 3 mins

Evening Class

Tonight I Attended a local Buddhist centres evening class. Having been on a slight break from the normal routing I was curious about how I might find it. This I believe had at least lowered my expectations, which I believe might be a good thing.

Warm up walking meditation 10 Minutes

Before we take to our seats for the mindful breathing we tend to perform a short walking meditation. Tonight as I walked around the room, I found the session useful as the start of a sitting meditation. I’ve also been mostly focused on the front foot landing in the past. There was a suggestion to notice the back foot leaving, which was a new idea to me, and a helpful one. My focus was fairly good, with a little thinking from the sides.

First Mindful breathing session

As I sat, I enjoyed having a guided session. It’s been a little while since I had instructions. We performed a slow body scan coming from back to front, before settling into the breathing. I had found that I was having a little trouble breathing through my nose. This is not normally something I struggle with, so having to breathe through my mouth gave the session a slightly different feel to normal.

This meant that I was having to gulp a little, and switch between nose and mouth. This didn’t particularly detract from the process like I might have expected. The switching served as an opportunity to be mindful, even if it was a little annoying. As we got to counting the breaths I found a very good focus. Thinking mostly stopped for the period, with rare thoughts bubbling up which were easily discarded. After two sessions we had a final section without counting. Thinking came back - but not too strongly. Having to bring myself back a couple of times was all that was needed and I finished the session with a nice energy.

Second Mindful breathing session

The second session was straight to sitting and we moved quickly into the breathing exercises. First counting after the out-breath. I still had the breathing through the mouth issue, but I dealt with it in the same way as the first session. Counting after the out breath was a couple of times interrupted not by thinking, but by my not paying enough attention to the number I was on. This happened twice, and I decided to restart the count, even though I was fairly sure of the next number. Moving into the part of the session, counting before the in-breath this seemed to have paid off. I was able to keep the count very easily. In the later parts, thinking again crept in a little, but was not a problem. I reflected that this kind of noticing and coming back can be seen as progress, especially as I remained non-judgemental of it.


Another good evening with the group, reflecting back now over an hour later I still have a relaxed, but ready energy.


Meditiation Type Awareness of Breath
Meditiation Position Seated Tall Chair Walking Walking Indoors
Meditiation Length 45m
Meditiation Stages Stage-3 Stage-3+
Tags Blocked Nose Group Session Relaxed Energy
Satisfaction Rating 8
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