2019-05-02 6:20am 35m Morning Sitting

Type: Awareness of Breath
Read Time: 2 mins


I was awake and came downstairs at 6am. I made my usual coffee and read a little. It’s been a while since I picked up the book the mind illuminated. I decided to drop back a little and re-read Stage 4, which is where I am currently focusing. Today instead of the counting, I wanted to use this continuous checking to bring about the stable attention to the breath.

I also had some Jasmine incense instead of the essential oil today, this made a nice change, I lit the stick and put it on the other side of the room.

  • Peaceful mind and more focus
  • More presense in daily life
  • Develop continuous checking / introspective awareness
Possible Distractions
  • Children interupting
  • Thinking about the day
  • Seated on a pair of cushions on the floor - cross legged.


It felt good as I first sat to go through the preparations. Just before starting I sat in full body awareness briefly and sent myself some good wishes. Moving on to the preparation steps, a little thinking came and went, but it was manageable. I started to cultivate the introspective awareness which also helped.

Upon finishing I kept this awareness and made the sensations in the whole body my meditation object. Then briefly scanning through each section I finished around the head and moved to the breathing. Today I had only one internal commentary, or one them at least. Aiming to keep a strong awareness of the breath sensations at the nose, I also spoke the words “I am aware” or “aware” or “I am aware of noise/thinking/distractions”.

It was fun to do something different and for a fair while, I did maintain a good awareness of breathing alongside introspective awareness. This became a little harder to maintain with full focus in the final minutes. A little dullness and impatience to finish crept in. Following this session, I have a calm relaxed energy remaining.


Meditiation Type Awareness of Breath
Meditiation Position Seated Floor Cushion
Meditiation Length 35m
Meditiation Stages Stage-3+ Stage-4
Tags Calm Relaxed Energy Checking
Satisfaction Rating 7
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