2019-05-07 7:00 35m Morning Sitting

Type: Awareness of Breath
Read Time: 2 mins


After a bad nights sleep, I got into my office to meditate. I did do a session yesterday, which was interrupted after twenty minutes. I chose not to journal it later. Today I set up the essential oil and sat on the cushions. I was looking forward to having a proper session again.

  • Peaceful mind and more focus
  • More presence in daily life
  • Count to 40 after the out-breath. When that is finished, count to 40, counting before the in-breath. Any remaining time is to be used on breathing with no count
Possible Distractions
  • Children interupting, or making lots of noise
  • Seated on a pair of cushions on the floor - cross legged.


It felt good right away this morning. I think my mind longed for the calm of meditation after a bad nights sleep and a long weekend of broken sessions. I had the internal preparation steps clear in my head and the body scan was also effortless. There was a little thinking as I moved to the breath, but once I started the count, the counting remained firm and uninterrupted.

I found a mild joy in sitting this morning. I think this was born from the contentment of not wanting to be elsewhere. I found a few still and tranquil moment, especially during the first 15-20 minutes.

After I finished the two counts to 40, I moved to a more general awareness of breathing with checking / introspective awareness. As normal there was more thinking popping up during this period, I think I will carry on developing here, maybe by reducing the count. Towards the end a very subtle form of impatience developed, I even checked the timer with 5 minutes remaining, making an excuse to myself as I had Bluetooth headphones on and I wanted to see they were still ok. I’ll have to stop this creeping in.


Meditiation Type Awareness of Breath
Meditiation Position Seated Floor Cushion
Meditiation Length 35m
Meditiation Stages Stage-3+ Stage-4
Tags Relaxed Energy Joy Tranquil
Satisfaction Rating 8
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