May 2019 Review

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May 2019 Review

This is the third monthly review. I’ve looked back at all the sessions I’ve recorded this month, as well as re-reading last months review. This review is deliberately quite similar to last months, and I’ve edited again to suit. It has been a slightly broken months practice, which has seen the firm schedule reduced somewhat, and a few sessions undocumented. I’m starting to get a rhythm again in the last few days which I hope to carry over the weekend and into next week. I think with a few days sessions my body clock should resume the early starts which proved so helpful. The breaks were in part to test how progress would be made without this journaling process, and, as it turns out, the journaling is very helpful in some respects. I find that the benefit of journaling to help ensure the schedule and record progress outweighs the disadvantages of thinking about the journaling during the meditation. In fact, I’ve got much better at not thinking into the future to plan what to write.

The Good Bits

  • Introducing more variety has increased the enjoyment.
  • Having not journaled for a while, I’m clearer in my own mind the benefits this approach is bringing.
  • Unlike last month, thinking about what to write in the journal during the session has almost completely dried up.
  • Most of the benefits from last month still stand - No pins and needles, less impatience and good adjustments to suit the session
  • I’m seeing hints of overcoming “sleepiness” or dullness in my sessions

Room for improvement

  • I’ve not been good at getting up to start early in the last three weeks.
  • Although the meditations have been good, the lack of consistency in practice has caused some regression to mind wandering.
  • The background noises of the children or household noises can still be a problem.
  • Thinking about what to write in the journal is still a distraction. Especially when seeing something new, or realising I’ve been in a long period of focus and the danger is to start thinking about how to describe things.
  • The checking/mindfulness/introspective awareness which I’ve been trying to cultivate is (still) progressing fairly slowly.

Looking forward

I’ll try to add stage five in later in June, especially if I get good progress with checking. I’m planning to resume the full daily routine, I’ve been nearly there for about a week, but not everything has been written down. I want to get back into the early timeslot and journaling daily. I’m committing to at least another month, and now I have cleared a few things in my mind I think this will be several months. Expect an update to Stages this month (Which I’d expected to write in May).

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